Becoming a Social Media Authority

Social Media Help for Your Skincare or Wellness Biz

There has never been a more crucial time for solo practitioners and small business owners to embrace social media than now. But let's face it--social media can be VERY confusing. The algorithms seem to change every month, what worked the…

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Perioral Dermatitis: An Integrative Approach

Perioral Dermatitis: An Integrative Approach

Perioral dermatitis is a skin condition brings great frustration both to those suffering from, and to practitioners who are trying to help manage it. According to integrative dermatologist and functional medicine doctor, Dr. Michelle Jeffries:……

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7 Common Complexion Problems and 7 All-Natural Fixes

7 Common Complexion Problems (and 7 All-Natural Fixes)

Battling pimples and wrinkles simultaneously seems like a pretty lousy door prize for making it past teenagerhood. Just when most we think we’ve left our teenage skin nemesis behind, new complexion problems appear. No one enjoys looking in the…

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Top 7 Wellness Habits for Glowing Skin

Our Top 7 Wellness Habits for Glowing Skin

After the typical round of parties that surround the holidays, most of us are looking for ways to get a little healthier. All those cocktails, heavy food, and sleepless nights start catching up to us, and we’re in serious need of rejuvenation to…

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What Foods Are Best for Healthy Winter Skin

What are the Best Foods for Healthy Skin in the Winter?

Wintertime means exposing skin to frigid outdoor elements and dry indoor air. This double-whammy packs a wallop on the complexion, leaving people with flaky, ashy, super-dry, and even prematurely wrinkled skin. Slathering on lotion only goes so…

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Nursing the Skin Back to Health During Addiction Recovery-2

Nursing the Skin Back to Health During Addiction Recovery

Aestheticians, nutritionists, and health coaches have the privilege of working in very trusting relationships with their clients. Supporting clients through different types of life's challenges with nourishment, self-care, and a bit of TLC can make…

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4 Ways to Use Pumpkin in Your Skincare Routine-2

4 Ways to Use Pumpkin in Your Skincare Routine

Thank you to Kate Harveston, for contributing this article! Everyone's favorite autumnal gourd has more uses than one — or two. Yes, the same pumpkin you carve into a jack-o-lantern or puree into pie filling can also be a boon to your skincare…

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NAA File Box

NAA Membership Update: Card Pack 10 is Now Available!

NAA Membership is loaded with exciting educational benefits, valuable industry savings, and regular member features like our Member on a Mission blog posts and periodic member co-hosted webinars. Our all time member-favorite benefit though, is the…

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Safety in the Health Coaching Profession

NAA Webinar Preview: Safety in the Health Coaching Profession

The health and wellness coaching industry has absolutely been booming over the past decade, helping people build health (amidst our very broken "healthcare" system), recover from chronic illnesses, and look and feel their best. Multiple health coach…

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Fall Skin Nutrition

Fall: it’s a time to return to your routine and work toward new goals— one of which can be achieving your best skin ever this season. We believe that the most effective skincare routines include a hefty dose of daily beauty nutrition for your…

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