Have you ever had a client whose skin just doesn’t improve…even if they use professional skincare, eat clean, exercise, drink lots of water, get great sleep, meditate…do all the things they’re supposed to do?

The reason they’re not getting results might have nothing to do with their skincare or diet…the cause might be lurking in their home or office instead in the form of toxic mold, blue light, indoor air pollution, or another environmental toxicant (commonly referred to as “toxin”).

If you’re an aesthetician or health coach looking for a more profound knowledge of how environmental toxins contribute to premature aging and common skin issues, look no further! We have a fantastic masterclass coming up for you on March 7, 2023, where we will take a deep dive into environmental toxins. By the end of the class, you’ll know how to help your clients identify and avoid toxins that might harm their skin and overall health.

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But in the meantime, watch Episode 1.02, Environmental Toxins and Your Skin,of The Skin Wellness Pro Show for a preview!

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