We are so excited to announce that The Nutritional Aesthetics® Alliance has been approved as an official continuing education (CE) provider by the

National Coalition of Estheticians Coalition (NCEA)’s Commission on Accreditation! What this means is that starting in September 2022, any licensed (a)esthetician in the United States who is pursuing national certification as an NCEA certified esthetician–or who is already NCEA certified and needs to fulfill their requirements for re-certification–will have the opportunity to study with the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance and earn up to 10 CE hours towards NCEA certification or re-certification. This CE opportunity is also now included with tuition for our Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner® Training Program.*

We are honored to be part of the NCEA’s continuing education family, and proudly add this industry-specific accreditation alongside our existing professional accreditation with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

NCEA Accreditation

In today’s virtual world, there are many opportunities to pursue continuing education online.

Unfortunately, not many organizations oversee the quality of continuing education provided outside of traditional colleges and universities.

It can be especially difficult in industries as niche as ours (we literally wrote the textbook on Nutritional Aesthetics®), where each state has different requirements in terms of licensure and hours. We could have opted for one of the umbrella “distance learning” accreditations. Instead, we preferred to seek accreditation from an organization that is familiar with the aesthetics industry and has been setting and maintaining high-quality standards for many years.

The NCEA met those criteria since they have been overseeing wellness education since 2000–long before the influx of online courses began.

About the NCEA:

The NCEA was founded by Susanne S. Warfield in January 2000. At the time, the American Academy of Dermatology’s (AAD) Allied Health Committee was looking to liaise with the skin care industry. Its mission is simple: helping estheticians raise standards with national credentialing and continuing education accreditation.

Through growth and transformation the NCEA has maintained (+/-) 18 association members (many of the original 22 no longer exist or have merged) and has grown its corporate members to include manufacturers/distributors, schools, and post-graduate training facilities. Individual memberships were an added membership category in 2002 to further represent the growing need for the representation of esthetic professionals to state regulatory boards.

The NAA is accredited as an NCEA continuing education providerThe development of the “Commission on Accreditation (COA)” in 2009 was to aid further NCEA’s goal of standardizing continuing education on a national basis. Continuing Education (CE) units must be maintained by NCEA Certified professionals, and some state regulatory boards also require CEs for relicensure.

The NCEA COA’s goals

  • Provide educational activities that will increase knowledge, skills, and competency.
  • Provide local, regional, national, and international accredited educational activities
  • Raise the standard of educational delivery methods. (in-person, online activities)
  • Utilize faculty disclosure(s) to improve the quality of educational activities.
  • Provide state regulatory boards with a quality accreditor for their licensee’s needs.

Read more about the NCEA’s history here.

What NCEA accreditation means for CNAP students and graduates:

Higher EducationOur Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner® Training Program graduates will be eligible to test for up to 10 NCEA CE hours, starting in September 2022. Current NCEA Certified estheticians will also have access to continuing education offerings worth up to 10 CE hours, starting in September 2022–and those who are not already CNAP students will also receive CNAP tuition vouchers upon successfully completing those CE offerings.

Whether or not you decide to pursue NCEA certification after earning your CNAP, you can be proud and assured that you received a quality education from a professionally accredited institution of higher learning.

We are proud of our program, students, and graduates. We have dedicated a substantial amount of time, money, and resources into creating a high-quality, unique curriculum, with the opportunities to attend classes and get support in a live virtual format. We are honored to have those efforts recognized, with this new accreditation from the NCEA and our professional accreditation from the AADP.

Start your CNAP journey today!

open enrollment for the CNAP Training ProgramLearn more about our program, download our detailed syllabus, and enroll HERE.

We offer open, rolling enrollment, self-pacing, and live calls throughout the year–so you can begin your path to becoming a Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner® education today!


*Testing and administrative fees may apply.