At the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance, we believe that every skin condition needs an individualized, and integrative approach including a topical regimen of natural products and non-invasive treatments and healthy diet and lifestyle choices, all which support the structure and functions of the skin.

The majority of the current conventional approach to managing chronic skin rashes like eczema and psoriasis only focus on reducing the appearance of the outward symptoms–extreme dryness, itchiness, scaliness, flakiness, redness, swelling, weeping, cracked skin, and more. While these approaches may provide temporary relief, they ultimately fail because they never address the unique hidden root causes driving the rashes in the first place.

To rebuild healthier skin, you’ve got to identify and address what’s causing the symptoms, and heal the skin from the inside out, whole also protecting it and not further aggravating it from the outside in. Unless addressed, the root causes behind chronic skin rashes associated with eczema and psoriasis will just continue to perpetuate the vicious cycle.

Each person struggling with chronic skin rashes may have a different single or combination of root causes. And sometimes the root cause itself may actually be another symptom, with root causes of its own.

Here are 15 most common causes–or co-existing symptoms–associated with chronic skin rashes:

  1. Leaky Gut Syndrome (including gut infections, gut dysbiosis, and gut dysfunction)
  2. Genetic variations such as SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms)
  3. Thyroid dysfunction
  4. Hormone imbalances
  5. Heavy metal exposure
  6. Food triggers (beyond the common ones you’ve heard of like gluten, dairy, and eggs)
  7. Nutrient deficiencies
  8. Environmental allergies
  9. Skin microbiome disruption
  10. Immune system & inflammation pathway activation
  11. Chronic stress
  12. Past trauma
  13. Liver detoxification challenges
  14. Mitochondrial dysfunction
  15. Environmental and chemical toxin exposures

Most people have 4 to 6 root causes, on average.

Sarah, for example, struggled with psoriasis for most of her life and was desperate to try anything… even immunosuppressants. But before going that route, she decided to see what else could be triggering her symptoms. It turned out that she had candida overgrowth and a gut infection with low stomach acid. As a result, her gut was leaky. Plus, her mitochondria weren’t generating energy properly, she had PTSD from living in NYC during 9/11, and her thyroid function was low.

And then Katherine had such terrible eczema on her hands that she couldn’t wear her wedding rings anymore, let alone touch anything without wearing gloves. Her skin had become so fragile from steroid creams, that it would crack and break open leaving her constantly in pain. After some testing, she discovered that she had a genetic SNP that predisposed her skin to struggle with moisture retention. And she had a number of food and chemical sensitivities, disrupted skin microbiome where the eczema rashes were located, and nutrient deficiencies that made it hard for her body to make healthy, new skin.

The truth is, addressing the root causes makes all the difference between those who end up healing their skin rashes from the inside out and everyone else who continues on the roller coaster of temporary relief and constant flares.

How do you figure out what root causes are at play?

If you’re an aesthetician, nutritionist, or health coach, your job is not to diagnose or treat chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases (which both eczema and psoriasis are). However, you can most certainly point your clients to valid information that can help empower and inform them about root causes and potential integrative approaches they can try and/or discuss with their holistic, naturopathic, integrative, or functional health practitioner.

NAA ally and clinical nutritionist (who’s also a health coach), Jennifer Fugo, is a skin rash expert who successfully reversed her own debilitating eczema. Now, she’s on a mission to empower others to put a stop to skin rashs with her upcoming Eczema & Psoriasis Awareness Week, which happens April 16-22, 2018. She’s committed herself to bringing together the best minds in the integrative industry (including NAA President and co-founder, Rachael Pontillo) to share actual “root cause” solutions instead of temporary fixes.

Here’s just a few conversations you won’t want to miss…

  • Autoimmune Approach to Reversing The Root Causes of Eczema
  • What Your Dermatologist Isn’t Telling You About Clearing Up Your Skin
  • Vital Nutrients For Clear Skin (That Everyone With Rashes Is Deficient In)
  • Hidden Eczema Food Triggers No One Talks About
  • Ugly Truth About Skincare Products & Why They Make Your Rashes Worse
  • Hidden Inflammatory Triggers Driving Psoriasis (And How To Stop Them)
  • How Undiagnosed Gut Infections Fuel & Trigger Chronic Skin Rashes

Plus, she’s going to give away over $2000 in some of the best natural products out there to support you on your journey!

It’s totally free to participate in this week-long online event. 

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When you confirm your seat, Jennifer will also email you a beautiful 95-page digital cookbook to help you start rebuilding healthier skin at every meal!

This event could be life-changing for someone who’s struggling with chronic skin rashes, and is at their wits end with treatments that don’t work. Please help spread the word by sharing this post on social media!

*Case studies and statistics provided by Jennifer Fugo
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