Acne. It’s one of the most common reasons people seek help from skin professionals across modalities, whether it’s from a dermatologist, (a)esthetician, nutritionist, health coach, herbalist, acupuncturist, what have you. Like most skin conditions, acne doesn’t have just one cause or one treatment that will work–it can be complicated. We always recommend people consult with a dermatologist or other licensed healthcare provider for advice on their own skin concerns–and we aren’t here to tell people what choice to make when it comes to what type of acne treatments are right.

But medications do have side effects, and many people can clear their skin using holistic and non-medical methods. We thought it was important to shine a light on those, since so many people–both professionals and laypeople–still aren’t aware.

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In this episode of The Skin Wellness Pro Show: What Conventional Acne Treatments Get Wrong, we dove deep into the complexities of acne and the various ways it can be approached, both conventionally and holistically. As someone who has personally battled with acne for years, co-host, Rachael Pontillo, shared her acne journey and the psychological toll it took on her. We discussed the importance of not just treating acne superficially but understanding and addressing the root causes.

Our conversation also highlighted the limitations of conventional treatments like medications and aggressive skin treatments, which often ignore the underlying issues and can have long-term negative effects on the skin’s health. We also touched on the importance of an integrative approach that includes diet, lifestyle, and mindset, alongside topical treatments.

Co-host, Tara Swagger, brought her wealth of experience to the table, emphasizing the need for personalized care in treating acne. She shared insights on the impact of modern life and environmental factors on skin health and the importance of educating clients on building resilience to inflammation.

We also discussed the role of the dermis and the dermal-epidermal junction in skin health, and how constant thinning of the epidermis through aggressive treatments can be detrimental in the long run.

Our goal with this episode was not to judge or dictate what treatments should be used but to shed light on the various paths to achieving clear skin.

We want to empower practitioners and clients with knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and implement changes that lead to lasting skin health.

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[00:00:38] Acne affects people of all ages.

[00:06:07] Adult acne and hormonal issues.

[00:11:17] Teenage acne treatment approaches.

[00:12:55] The complexity of treating acne.

[00:19:38] Implementation in skin health.

[00:24:01] Integrative skincare solutions.

[00:27:36] Integrative approach in dermatology.

[00:31:47] Integrative movement within dermatology.

[00:36:50] Medications and skincare solutions.

[00:40:24] Thin epidermis affects dermis.

[00:44:36] Inflammatory effects of treatments.

[00:47:17] Integrative approach in skin care.