Look in the mirror: what is your skin telling you? Skin is our magic mirror, one that gives clues about the overall health of our bodies. At the NAA, we believe that one key to healthy skin is inner and outer nourishment.

To find out more about what your skin, and the skin of your clients, is really saying, join us for a special webinar co-hosted by Rachael Pontillo (this is part of Rachael’s Spring Skincare Summit series) and the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance, and featuring Dr. Trevor Cates.

Dr. Cates is a naturopathic doctor, also known as “The Spa Dr.” She has worked with world-renowned spas and sees patients in her private practice in Park City, Utah with a focus on graceful aging and glowing skin. She has been featured on The Doctors, Extra, First for Women, Mind Body Green and is host of THE SPA DR. Podcast. Her new book Clean Skin from Within will be released this month.

In this webinar, Dr. Cates covered:

– #1 cause of most skin conditions, as well as the underlying factors behind other common skin issues.

– Problems with conventional skincare products, and alternatives to seek out

– Best and worst foods for skin health

-The 5 important skin types to know

-How to create a 2-week plan for ‘clean skin’

,The Magic Mirror of Clean Skin webinar replay, featuring Dr. Trevor Cates is available for replay for NAA members in the NAA member resources library.

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