Every parent has felt the urge to shield his or her child from harm. But parents aren’t often on the lookout for danger lurking in everyday items marketed to children—like Halloween face paints, and kids shampoos, makeup and nail polish. A new report from the Breast Cancer Fund reveals that parents absolutely do need to be wary of harmful ingredients in kids’ products, due to the widespread presence of toxic chemicals that are not monitored. Since skin health applies as much to children as it does to adults, we at the NAA decided to devote this week’s blog to the results of this important Breast Cancer Fund report—and what you can do to keep the children in your life from harm. NAA members, don’t miss the 10% discount on safe kids’ face paint (and ANYTHING ELSE YOU BUY) at LuckyVitamin.com—see your membership dashboard for all the details!

The report.

The Breast Cancer Fund commissioned a test of 48 Halloween products for the presence of heavy metals and 65 kids’ makeup products (collected by 14 partners across the country) for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). READ THE FULL REPORT HERE.

The findings.

Hormone disrupting ingredients, heavy metals, developmental toxicants, and potential carcinogens appeared to be widespread among the products tested.

  • Almost half of the 48 face paints tested—21 items—had trace amounts of at least one heavy metal. Some products contained as many as 4 metals.
  • Heavy metal concentrations were higher and more common in darkly pigmented paints.
  • 20% of products had at least one VOC. In all, seven different VOCs were found, four having the potential to lead to serious long-term health care effects: Toluene, a reproductive toxicant; Styrene, a probable carcinogen and endocrine disruption compound; Ethylbenzene, a possible carcinogen; and Vinyl acetate, another possible carcinogen.
  • Flavored lip balms were found to be most likely to contain VOCs.
  • Ingredients of concern found: lead, cadmium, toluene, parabens, formaldehyde, and ethoxylated ingredients.

What you can do.

This Halloween, and going forward, choose carefully when selecting any products that your child comes into contact with.  We know that toxic compounds have even greater potential to cause harm in children, as their small bodies are still developing. In some cases, you may want to avoid products like face paints and kids makeup unless you’re absolutely certain of their safety. In general, choosing only natural and organic brands that offer non-toxic, kid-friendly product options may be the best way to protect your little ones!

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