Visualization: this time honored, scientifically proven tool is accessible to you anywhere and at any time, and it can change your perception, as well as the outcome of reality. What is visualization and how do you use it, you ask? Visualization is, quite simply, the practice of picturing a mental image. You can employ this tool by telling yourself a story— one that takes you where you want to go mentally, emotionally, or physically in your life. Incredibly, your brain may not actually distinguish real from imaginary, giving you an opportunity to influence the way it works. In fact, this study found that imagining a sound or shape has the same effect on our bodies as actually seeing that sound of shape, suggesting that visualization can have a major effect on your body. Read on for the ways that we use visualization in our personal and professional lives…

How the NAA uses visualization

Tisha: When I was younger, I used to approach visualization and meditation practices with doubt, rigidity, and obsessive worry about whether I was “doing it right”. Needless to say, bogged down with negativity, the tool’s benefits escaped me. Thank goodness I stayed open to fresh approaches, and was when I was gifted Mike Dooley’s book filled with a straightforward yet lighthearted approach to visualization and manifestation in 2009, I fell in love. I loved it so much I became a Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer and use visualization tools daily to empower my own thoughts and my clients’. What’s not to love? I know now that it can be effective, free and fun. My favorite tips to keep it that way:

  • Easy does it.  Quality is key.  Minutes a day can work magic in your life.
  • Put Feeling First! Lean into the emotion of what you are visualizing, make it as real as possible in your body. You looking to fall in love? Close your eyes,smile, let out a big contented sigh and wrap yourself in a cozy blanket while you visualize. Visualizing a huge monetary windfall? Get off the couch and jump up and down and squeal, pick up the phone and gush with excitement to your imaginary confidant. Commit.
  • Stick with the What not the How. Concentrate your visualization on your desired end result but don’t tie the universe’s hands in how it can conspire to get you there. You want to experience standing on the plains of Serengeti National Park, and feeling the vibration of the elephant footfalls through the soles of your own feet? (may be one of my favorites…) You want to become a sought after facialist to the the stars? Great. Just don’t link them by saying when I become X, then I will get Y-  because there is infinite possibilities my friends!

Rachael: Visualization is something that helped me immensely in my personal experience in overcoming lifelong acne, in addition to losing stubborn baby weight. I also use visualization often for relaxation and stress management, either as part of meditation, while receiving acupuncture, or during savasana at the end of a yoga practice. It’s also something I recommend to all my clients and students either as a way to help them get clear skin, or have a successful skincare business. What I’ve come to understand both as a student of metaphysics and Eastern philosophy, with observation of modern scientific evidence that shows us the power of the subconscious mind in shaping our reality, is that visualization isn’t something reserved for the woo woo crowd–it is a powerful tool that can benefit anyone. My favorite visualization exercises include going to my “happy place” (a little homage to Happy Gilmore!) which is a cabin in the woods with a beautiful garden with herbs and flowers, with a babbling brook in the distance; and also visualizing the Goddess version of myself–the version of myself that knows no limits and is whole, healthy, confident, compassionate, and powerful in any given situation.

Jolene: I tend to lean on visualization to stay focused and strong during a difficult circumstance or while I’m working toward a goal, rather than than to manifest something material in my life. I believe that where your mind goes, your body flows, so in the face of a challenge visualizing my desired outcome or emotional state keeps me from, well, completely freaking out. My favorite way to use visualization is to breathe deep and take myself on a mental journey (like telling your body a story!) through the way I’d like circumstances to unfold, taking note of little details along the way. It’s an activity that is not only relaxing, but it sends your body positive messages of safety, security, and success.

Whether you’re working toward goals, healing your body, or coming up against a challenge, visualization can keep you strong and focused, so I encourage my clients to use this tool often, alongside nutrition and self-care. If they’re committed to a weight loss goal, they might visualize the pounds coming off easily as their body is properly nourished; and if they’re working to clear their skin, they might visualize the end result, with a healed, clear, radiant complexion. It’s such a gift to have this amazing, powerful, and completely free tool available to us at any moment of the day or night, through our marvelous brains.

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