Tea has been used for overall health, as well as to help heal certain skin conditions, in cultures and societies worldwide since the beginning of civilization. For centuries, tea has also been used in potions and rituals for youth and beautification. Today, we see a resurgence in the usage of tea for beauty and skin health both as part of a healthy diet, and as part of a topical skincare regimen. Whether you brew tea made from the “tea tree” (the camellia sinensis tree, not the melaleuca alternifolia bush from which tea tree oil is distilled), bushes, shrubs, herbs, spices, or flowers, there’s a tea for just about every skin type, condition, and desired outcome.

Here are 9 of our favorite tea trends for beautiful, healthy skin:

  • Quality Ingredients. The skin and health benefits of tea are growing awareness and popularity. Due to its new mainstream appeal, tea brands have had to up their game by focusing on organic, ethically harvested ingredients, etc.
  • Tea at the Spa. Tea is popping up in spa treatments—we’ve seen it either as a steam, in a Lucas sprayer, as a compress, or used to reconstitute a mask, where it has exciting benefits for the skin.
  • Customer Awareness. With tea drinkers becoming more aware of the dangers of toxins, pesticides, and preservatives in foods, consumers are beginning to question the ingredients and processes used to get tea from plant to cup. Are there preservatives? Is the packaging recyclable or reusable? Are there artificial flavoring or colors?
  • Choosing Loose. In many cases, savvy consumers are also beginning to demand loose tea over tea bags. Also, if the tea has a bag, consumers want it to be unbleached or silk, non-chlorinated, and compostable.
  • Tea in Skincare. It’s becoming more common to find various types of tea used as in skincare products. We see that responsible brands also educate about shelf life and the importance of natural preservation system for their products.
  • Soaking in Tea. A growing number of companies now offer tea-based detox baths, in addition to traditional salt and clay detoxifying baths.
  • Tea for Sun Defense. While green tea is the most popular and researched tea used for UV damage repair, extracts of green, black, oolong, white, and rooibos teas are now seen in sunscreens and after-sun products for their benefits to sun-exposed skin.
  • Tea in Smoothies. You’ll now find tea used in many ways in smoothies, from a superfood add-in (matcha) to an antioxidant-packed, flavorful replacement for water or non-dairy milk.
  • Slow Tea. Tea drinkers are slowing down and savoring the inherent beauty of tea with flowering teas that unfold as they steep in a pot or cup.

Do these tea trends get you excited too?!

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