That vacation that has been on your vision board is finally here! A break from the daily routine is exactly what you need. Have you been visualizing a week long exotic excursion overseas or an extended trip to grandma’s? Perhaps it’s parasailing in the Caribbean, or watching the kids play on the beach in Cape May. Wherever you find your bliss, you’ll want to make sure you’re well prepared and organized so your vacation truly affords you an opportunity to regroup and recharge.

We’ve assembled some of our best skin-smart and soul-soothing travel tips here to make sure your packing and planning doesn’t leave you a frazzled mess before you board the plane or the minivan.

Enjoy your trip, you deserve it.

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Make sure your itinerary is soul-soothing

  • Set your intentions. Looking to spark up your daily humdrum with spontaneity? Trying to keep your healthy eating regime intact? Hoping to plug into nature and reclaim your zen? Whatever your vacation mindset goal is, getting clear about your desired end result will help you achieve it.
  • Avoid overwhelm. Tempted to pack two trips worth of activity into one? Overzealous in your itinerary? Is your suitcase bulging with your entire closet & bathroom? Simplify. Pick events that support your chosen intention. Put one pair of shoes back in the closet. Purchase empty travel-sized bottles, and load up on product samples from your favorite green beauty brands.
  • Savor a memorable experience. Before you depart, schedule an exotic spa treatment or a healing session to put some spark into your self-care routine. Buy tickets to a show. Pick a date to parachute out of a perfectly good airplane. Google five-star restaurants in your travel destination and book a reservation. Hint: short on cash? Splurge on a fabulous coffee and share a dessert.
  • Seek calm. Travel can stir up feelings of anxiety for many of us. Alleviate unnecessary stress by ensuring that your schedule honors your own prefered travel pace, whether you are a “last call” kind of gal or a “terminal camper”. Download a meditation app, place your favorite calming music on your phone or buy some magazines to binge on, whatever helps to ease your nerves on the go.

Make your carry-on skin-friendly

  • 11168063_833140376740266_6559607398988566554_nPack a snack. Although rest stops and airports sometimes surprise you with skin-friendly options, bringing along nourishing snacks like raw trail mix, roasted chickpeas or fruit prevents you from grabbing chips and candy and saves major dough.
  • Hydrate smart. You’ve heard that hydration is essential during air travel, so stay hydrated and environmentally conscious by bringing a reusable water bottle with you in your carry-on. Fill it up at a water fountain after your airline security check (and again, and again after that!). You’ll save money and eliminate waste by not purchasing bottled water wherever your travels take you.
  • Fly free. For the best skin when you arrive, let your skin breathe during an airline trip by flying makeup-free— especially on long flights! Stock your carry-on with a hydrating mist and a balm for dry spots head to toe. Feel instantly refreshed during a long haul with a roll-on essential oil blend. Look for a natural scent that includes citrus or mint for the biggest aromatherapy pick-me-up.
  • Choose multi-tasking makeup. Items like powdered blush and bronzer are great because you can use them for color on the cheeks and as eyeshadow. Try a powdered mineral foundation, because you can layer the coverage and it usually doesn’t need a setting powder. Hint: makeup formulations might differ among brands, but a good rule of thumb is that loose mineral powders are typically better for drier skin types and pressed ones are typically better for oilier skin types.
  • Choose balms over liquids. Worried about liquids leaking all over your luggage and ruining your clothes? Solid balms or butters are great choices because they won’t leak and they provide both cleansing and moisturizing in one convenient container. No one likes red blotches on vacation – make sure you test out the balm for sensitivities beforehand.
  • Prioritize sunscreen. Though it’s wise to bring fewer products on your trip, sunscreen’s not one to leave home. We recommend natural mineral-based physical sunscreens with non-nano zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Several companies now offer tinted versions of these as well which might also function as a foundation replacement.

Make your vacation all you envisioned and more

  • 3657480324_f2bcfe9c03_oCool Inflammation. Both travel and extra sun exposure can increase inflammation in the skin, so include natural skincare products with calming, anti-inflammatory ingredients while on the go, like aloe vera, chamomile, and lavender essential oils. It’s also helpful to include extra anti-inflammatory foods in your diet (try ginger and turmeric teas on the go)
  • Soothe Your Stomach. Travel can exacerbate digestive issues. Support your digestive health by bringing along a shelf-stable probiotic, an emergency digestive enzyme supplement, and opting for fermented foods where you can.
  • Sleep. Puts you in a better mood and keeps you looking radiant. It lowers your cortisol, balances your blood sugar, and improves your immunity which lowers your stress, helps you make more conscious food choices and assures that you won’t have to take a vacation to recover from your vacation.
  • Stay Flexible. Don’t be rigid with your plans, stay in the moment whenever possible. A rainy day met with creativity could bring spontaneous sunshine to your trip.
Image 2 credit: Köpenhamn via photopin (license) Image 3 credit: Spa Treatment in Puerto Vallarta: Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, Grand Velas Puerto Vallarta, 2009. Some rights reserved.