In this episode of the Skin Wellness Pro Show, co-hosts Rachael Pontillo and Tara Swagger discuss skin hacks for healthy and youthful-looking skin. They emphasize the importance of integrating healthy practices and lifestyle choices into one’s skincare routine, as what we eat and our environment directly affect our skin. They also share their own personal nighttime skincare routines, plus their own tried-and-true skin hacks, which include things like staying hydrated, using a humidifier, and practicing stress-reducing activities. This episode offers practical tips for anyone looking to improve their skin health.

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In this episode, Rachael and Tara also discuss the diverse approaches to Nutritional Aesthetics® and emphasize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. They acknowledge that people come from different backgrounds and ideologies regarding skincare and aesthetics, and that our programs welcome everyone. They have students who identify as hardcore medical aestheticians, as well as those who are as crunchy and granola holistic as you can possibly imagine. They believe that whatever your ideology is regarding skincare or aesthetics, there is always more to learn!

The Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance offers a range of resources and classes on their website at They have NCEA CE classes and a comprehensive Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner Training Program. They welcome everyone with different ideologies regarding skincare or aesthetics and aim to provide good inspiration through their podcast and website resources.

Rachael and Tara also discuss the importance of considering both internal and external factors that affect skin health when discussing health hacks and skin hacks. As Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioners, their skin hacks are very similar to their health hacks, as what you eat and your environment have a direct effect on your skin.

In this episode they also discuss how conventional aesthetics can undo the work of building healthy, glowing skin from within, and how science has shown that keeping the stratum corneum and skin microbiome intact and balanced is essential for skin health. This is best achieved by eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, and using nourishing products on the skin to age naturally and look one’s best. They also mention the resurgence of ancient remedies from all over the world in the beauty industry. Overall, the episode highlights the interconnectedness of internal and external factors in achieving healthy, glowing skin.


[00:03:23] Sleep as a Skin Health Hack.

[00:04:06] Importance of sleep for skin.

[00:08:26] Facial Manipulation with Oil.

[00:12:49] Facial manipulations for healthy skin.

[00:16:24] Water in Oil Emulsion.

[00:20:49] Frownies for preventing frowning.

[00:24:26] Aging and beauty.

[00:28:26] Natural skin care hacks.

[00:33:06] Skincare industry truth.

[00:37:04] Animal-based skincare resurgence.

[00:41:44] Natural remedies outshine conventional medicine.

[00:44:33] Skin health and nourishment.

[00:48:28] Harsh skincare practices.


It is clear that developing a healthy skincare routine means far more than just using the right products. Our lifestyle choices are critical for skin health and have a big impact on how our skin looks and feels.

Fortunately, taking care of our skin doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. There are simple steps like hydration, relaxation and protecting against environmental factors like pollution, that we can integrate into our routines for an effortless path to vibrant-at-any-age skin.

Now go forth to apply any of these hacks in your own routine to see the fantastic results! And if you need help helping your even your most stubborn clients implement skin-healthy routines into their lifestyles, check out our CNAP Training Program for comprehensive integrative skin wellness education, specifically designed for aestheticians, nutritionists, and health coaches. Start your path towards CNAP certification today!