The subject of medical aesthetic and cosmetic procedures is particularly polarizing in the skincare community–especially the holistic community. Strong opinions range from anti-procedure of any kind, to minimally invasive or reconstructive ones, all the way to the idea that people have the right to do whatever they’d like to help themselves look and feel their best.

Whatever your philosophy is as an aesthetician, health coach, or other holistic practitioner, chances are you’re going to get clients who have received a medical or cosmetic procedure such as plastic surgery, medical peels or dermabrasion, resurfacing laser treatment, or injectables.

Post-procedure skincare without judgment

Even though these are treatments you yourself might never want to receive or offer in your practice, MANY women (and men too) get these treatments whether it’s to remove scarring or pigmentation, erase lines, tighten wrinkles, or alter a feature they don’t like. And healing skin needs lots of support! This is where holistic practices and the soothing ingredients of nature really come in.

There are also instances where a client has tried a DIY home remedy that went wrong, or got a botched job at a Botox party, or otherwise accidentally injured her skin while trying to improve it so she comes to you asking for help in healing and minimizing the damage. 

Whether your client has undergone a reconstructive or elective procedure, or has had an embarrassing skincare oops at home, your job is to support, educate, and offer care.

Healing skin requires special care; and while most surgeons and dermatologists recommend pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly-based ointments to help keep healing skin moisturized and protected, you might opt for a more natural alternative. That being said, not all natural ingredients and products that you might typically use in your treatment room or recommend for your clients’ home-care are appropriate or safe for post-procedure skincare.

That’s why on Monday June 25, 2018 at 1:30pm EDT, NAA Advisory Board member Dr. Naana Boakye, MD is co-presenting a free webinar called An Integrative Approach to Post-Procedure Skincare: How to offer your clients holistic support as they heal from medical or cosmetic procedures. Dr. Boakye is not only a board certified dermatologist, but she is also an advocate of using natural ingredients–in fact, she is the formulator and one of the co-founders of Karite Shea Butter Skin Care.

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