Fall: it’s a time to return to your routine and work toward new goals— one of which can be achieving your best skin ever this season. We believe that the most effective skincare routines include a hefty dose of daily beauty nutrition for your complexion. Fortunately, the fall season provides plenty of inspiration for warming, satisfying foods that deliver the nutrients your skin needs to repair, balance, and glow in the months ahead. So, what are you eating to feed your fall skin this season?

Here are 4 ways to optimize your fall skin nutrition from the inside out:

1. Support healing and cell turnover. Fall is an ideal time to renew your commitment to skin nourishment with a healthy seasonal diet. If your skin was exposed to any of summer’s harsh elements like sun, salt, sand, and heat, you may want to increase your intake of beta carotene-rich orange and red foods like squash, pumpkin, carrots, and sweet potatoes; which help heal and rebalance the skin.

2. Reduce sugar cravings that can sabotage your skin. As soon as summer ends, the season of fall celebrations—many of them food-focused, with plenty of sweets on hand—is about to begin. To offset sugar cravings, keep blood sugar steady by including adequate pro- tein and fats in your meal. Be sure to eat lots of root vegetables like beets, sweet potatoes and carrots, which appease your sweet tooth with their own natural sweetness. Remember that sugar speeds up skin aging and promotes acne, so it’s important to cut back on sweets to combat fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes.

3. Take advantage of the fall harvest for antioxidant power. Fresh foods are inherent- ly more nutrient-dense than packaged, processed, or fast foods. The fall harvest delivers an abundance of just-picked produce brimming with nutrients that your skin needs for optimal health. Highly skin-nourishing fall foods include a wide selection of squash like butternut, acorn, and kabocha; pumpkin and its seeds, apples, sweet potatoes, and fresh cranberries. These seasonal, vitamin-packed treasures not only benefit the skin, but also boost immunity and help fight off those school and office fall colds.

4. Eat for fall detoxification. We often think of spring as the body’s true season of detox, but fall is also a natural time to eat for detoxification and cooling after the hot summer. When our weather is temperate–neither hot nor cold–it’s an ideal time for the body to rest and reset. To support internal detoxification, simplify your diet for a time by increasing your intake of fiber-rich foods, and consuming organic produce like a variety of greens and naturally detoxifying fall apples.

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