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Are you tired of feeling like a tiny fish in the huge sea of skincare experts?

Are you looking for a way to help your clients more effectively AND earn valuable CE credits?

Our Nutritional Aesthetics® Elements CE Classes are the perfect way to gain an edge over your competitors, whether they are in your local community or online.

You’ll learn valuable knowledge on topics that aesthetics and health coaching school SHOULD have taught you about skincare and skin wellness–but didn’t have time to.

You can also use these classes to earn valuable CE credits towards NCEA recertification, AND vouchers to use towards your future Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner® Training Program tuition!

Each class includes:

  • One recorded video lecture
  • One CE quiz (required for CE credits or CNAP tuition vouchers*)
  • Exclusive access to our private students-only Facebook community
  • Lifetime access

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our courses are for aestheticians, health coaches, cosmetologists, herbalists, nutritionists, and other working skincare or skin wellness professionals, and the content is geared towards professionals. In order to earn CE credits towards NCEA certification or re-certification, you are required to be a licensed (a)esthetician in the United States.

Completing/passing Nutritional Aesthetics® Elements classes do NOT make you a Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner®, or enable you to practice as such. To practice Nutritional Aesthetics, you must complete all the curriculum, exams, and practicum requirements in our Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner® (CNAP) Training Program. However, passing Nutritional Aesthetics® Elements classes DOES earn you vouchers that you can apply towards your future CNAP tuition.

The Nutritional Aesthetics® Elements classes are accredited by the NCEA–the National Coalition of Estheticians Association, and are approved for either 1.0 or 2.0 credits towards NCEA certification or recertification. After taking a Nutritional Aesthetic® Elements class, passing the quiz with a grade of 75% or higher, and completing your course evaluation, you will receive a certificate of completion and instructions on how to receive your NCEA credits. Additional processing fees from the NCEA may apply.

Completing any Nutritional Aesthetics Elements class or the CNAP Training program does NOT guarantee any increased income or job opportunity.

No. Due to the digital delivery and instant course access, we cannot offer refunds or cancellations of any kind on any Nutritional Aesthetics® Elements classes or the CNAP Training Program. Please read all the course descriptions thoroughly and contact us with any questions before you decide to enroll.

All participants are responsible for practicing within their legal scope, based on your current state licensure and state laws, and NCEA guidelines (if you are participating in their CE program).

Absolutely! Our courses are available to any skincare or skin wellness practitioner who wants to advance an integrative approach to healthy skin. International students are eligible to earn vouchers towards future CNAP tuition by passing Nutritional Aesthetics® Elements classes, however, NCEA CE credits are only available to practitioners in the United States.

If you are a current US-based CNAP student or have already earned your CNAP and you are in the US, you do not need to purchase these classes to earn your NCEA CE credits. All you need to do is pass the quizzes with a grade of 75% or higher, fill out the course evaluation, pay a $35 administrative fee, and submit your certificate to the NCEA per the instructions you will receive. However, tuition vouchers are only for new CNAP students, and cannot be retroactively applied to tuition or refunded in any way. If you are an NAA member and would like to earn NCEA CE credits, please contact us for pricing and instructions.

Our President and co-founder, Rachael Pontillo, teaches all the classes in this series.

No–only graduates of our Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner® Training Program are eligible for AADP board certification (in addition to NCEA CE credits). Nutritional Aesthetics® Elements classes are accredited by the NCEA only.

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Nutrition Basics for Healthy Skin

Learn general nutrition basics that help build a foundation for healthy, glowing skin from the inside out.

Worth 2.0 CE credits/$75 CNAP tuition voucher

Purchase Now for $99

Skin Anatomy and Physiology Update

An integrative review of the skin’s layers, myths and facts about pores, plus learn about the skin’s roles in detox and sensation.

Worth 1.0 CE credit/$35 CNAP tuition voucher

Purchase Now for $59

Holistic Skincare Ingredients and Treatments

Learn an overview of natural skincare ingredients and treatments from around the world that improve the appearance of the skin, as well as support its overall health.

Worth 2.0 CE credits/$75 CNAP tuition voucher

Purchase Now for $99

Hormones and Skin Health

Review how the endocrine system affects the skin, what factors contribute to hormone imbalance intrinsically and extrinsically, and how to support your clients.

Worth 1.0 CE credit/$35 CNAP tuition voucher

Purchase Now for $59

Stress and Your Skin

An overview of stress, the many different ways it negatively affects the skin, and how to help your clients with stress management.

Worth 1.0 CE credits/$35 CNAP tuition voucher

Purchase Now for $59

Healthy Skin Lifestyle Upgrades

Learn simple, easy-to-implement (and easy to teach your clients!) lifestyle upgrades conducive to healthier skin

Worth 1.0 CE credit/$35 CNAP tuition voucher

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Skin and Gut Microbiome

Gain an understanding of the important roles the microbes that reside in the gut and on the skin play in how the skin looks and functions.

Worth 1.0 CE credit/$35 CNAP tuition voucher

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Integrative Practice Building Strategies

Gain key strategies to help you grow your aesthetics or skin wellness practice locally and beyond.

Worth 1.0 CE credit/$35 CNAP tuition voucher

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Disclaimer: The information presented in Nutritional Aesthetics® Elements classes is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat any disease or condition of the skin, and is not a substitute for advice from any licensed healthcare practitioner, nor does it give participants any legal scope of practice outside of what they already possess.

*Restrictions apply–CNAP tuition vouchers are only available for new enrollments. They cannot be retroactively applied to previous or current enrollments or payment plans.

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