The Nutritional Aesthetics® Alliance is committed to delivering carefully curated, relevant, and cutting-edge integrative skincare information, resources, and educational opportunities. One of our best resources is our very own NAA Advisory Board–an esteemed panel of experts who represent the foundation, application, and future of Nutritional Aesthetics® as a viable field of practice. An important part of providing educational resources is not only to teach the what behind the skin-health link, but also the HOW–how to actually implement Nutritional Aesthetics so that it benefits your skin, your life, and your business. We’ve already begun providing the ‘how’ through the NAA in Practice resource cards, which members receive along with their NAA File Box when they join.

But now there’s more.

Develop your niche with the support of a professional

abstract blue natural backgroundWe have a new opportunity for all skin-health practitioners–whether you work more on the nutrition and health coaching side, or are a licensed aesthetician or skincare professional–to learn the art of niche marketing and branding from a professional: our very own Advisory Board member, Jaya Savannah.

The words ‘holistic,’ ‘natural,’ and ‘organic’ are no longer novelties. Thanks to beauty and wellness bloggers and the rise of the organic food, green beauty, and holistic nutrition movements, just saying your business or products are any one of the above is no longer enough. It’s come to the point that holistic nutrition and health coaches and holistic skincare professionals are a dime a dozen. A once big fish in a small pond is now the same fish in a much larger pond. This is why so many holistic professionals fall prey to burnout, and ultimately lose out on clients and income. If you want to have a successful holistic business, you have to drill deeper, and carve out your niche.

Use Nutritional Aesthetics® to set your work apart

Jaya Savannah specializes in helping holistic professionals find new and exciting ways to stand out, differentiate themselves, and ultimately grow their businesses. She presented a special webinar, How to Discover Your Delicious Niche with Nutritional Aesthetics® for our community on June 21, 2016.

In this exciting class, Jaya taught how to differentiate yourself from your competition and attract more clients using the new field of Nutritional Aesthetics®. This is an emerging trend that she’s been tracking for the last couple of years in her practice–and we know that many of our readers and members have also observed the effects of nutrition on skin for some years now.

Interest in organic food is often the gateway for people to think about not just what goes in their body, but what goes on it–and we’ve also observed that the opposite is true–that often, people with skin conditions like acne ultimately discover the power of nutrition when products and treatments alone don’t solve the problem long-term. Jaya shared compelling industry growth statistics during the webinar, so you can see how big an opportunity the skin-health link for yourself and your business.

Jaya normally offers Delicious Niches for $49–however this class was an exclusive presentation just for the Nutritional Aesthetics® audience, and is ONLY available now to members of the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance membership program.

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