NAA Membership is loaded with exciting educational benefits, valuable industry savings, and regular member features like our Member on a Mission blog posts and periodic member co-hosted webinars. Our all time member-favorite benefit though, is the NAA File Card Library.

We’ve given you a tour of our educational pillars here, but since we just released our most recent pack (our TENTH!), we thought it would be fun to share this pack’s topics.

In this NAA Membership card pack, we focused on three of our pillars:

  • Nutrition Basics. Nutrition directly influences skin health, and here we explore those specific connections and the evolving body of evidence that supports it.
  • Products, Ingredients & Treatments. What goes on your skin goes in your body; here we look at the topical and internal influence of products and the treatments that deliver them.
  • Stress & Your Skin. Stress, in its many forms, affects the skin and its behavior, and in this category we break down those connections.

And here’s what we cover in Card Pack 10:

In Nutrition Basics, our two new cards are “Amino Acids for Healthy Skin” and “Does Buttering Your Coffee Make it Better for Your Skin?”

In Products, Ingredients & Treatments, our four new cards are “Castor Oil for Skin Health,” “Facial Cupping: A New Trend in Skincare?”, “The Evolution of Skincare Ingredients,” and “Eyebrow-Raising Beauty Trends: Threading vs. Waxing.”

In Stress & Your Skin, our two new cards are “How Adrenal Fatigue Shows Up on Your Skin” and “Getting ‘in Touch’ with Healing.”

Are you intrigued to learn more about these and get access to the NAA File Card Library? We hope so!

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