NAA Membership is loaded with exciting educational benefits, valuable industry savings, and regular member features like our Member on a Mission blog posts and periodic member co-hosted webinars. Our all time member-favorite benefit though, is the NAA File Card Library–a well of easy-to-digest skin wellness information that can be used for quick reference, or as client handouts. We’ve just added nine new cards to the Library!

In this pack, we focused on three of our pillars:

  • The Microbiome. This developing body of knowledge examines the influence of digestion and the microbiome on skin health.
  • Hormones & Skin Health. Hormones play a big role in glowing skin, so this is a topic that we love exploring, for women and men alike.
  • Lifestyle Practices. Sleep, exercise, your environment— here we look at the lifestyle influences on skin health.

In The Microbiome, our three new cards are “Key Differences Between the Skin and Gut Microbiome,” “Probiotic Skincare Mythbusting,” and “How pH Affects the Skin’s Microbiome.”

In Hormones & Skin Health, our three new cards are “Hormones and Teen Acne” and “Endocrine Health and Hyperpigmentation,” and “Skin Changes During Menopause.”

In Lifestyle Practices, our three new cards are “How Too Much Screen Time Damages Your Skin,” “Oil Pulling 101,” and “How to Improve Indoor Air Quality for Better Skin.”

Are you intrigued to learn more about these and get your own access to the NAA File Card Library? We hope so!

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