Salt is not only a trendy topic in skin care—it’s an age-old tool for health and beauty. Here, we share a preview of some of our favorite ways to use salt for health and beauty:

Salt for Beauty and Health

Our favorite salt uses:

Baths. Salt creates a healthy negative ion charge which is attracted to positively-charged toxins in the body, and thus draws them out, detoxifying the body through the skin. This action, combined with a bath’s warm water and steam plus aromatherapy, creates the perfect marriage of detoxification and relaxation–both of which are therapeutic for the skin.

Salt slabs. Slabs of pink Himalayan salt create a beautiful and healthful presentation for your meals. The salt infuses both flavor and skin-healthy trace minerals into your foods as you prepare and cook them right on the slab.

Scrubs. Salt is a excellent skin-softening exfoliant grain, offering a fairly coarse and vigorous scrub. Combined with your preferred carrier and essential oil scent choices, salt makes an easy choice for at home skin pampering.

Nasal rinse. Using a saline solution as gentle nasal rinse can rinse mucus (and the toxins that mucus contains) from the body, reduce nasal stuffiness, and lesson the occurrence of postnasal drip. Routine use of a quality nasal rinse can also have you breathing easier at night so you can enjoy a more restful and restorative sleep and look your best.

Flavoring. With so many types of unrefined salts available, we love to stock an array of salts in our kitchens, and vary the types we add to our meals for different flavor and nutritional profiles.

Ferments. The process of culturing vegetables in a salt water brine allows them to be preserved while they develop probiotic bacteria that’s so beneficial to our digestive systems. We wouldn’t have our favorite ferments without salt!

Masks. Dissolving fine salt or adding salt water into a facial mask offers anti-inflammatory skin benefits, gentle enzymatic exfoliation, helps to pull out toxins and adds mineral benefits to skin.

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