We are so excited to welcome Naana Boakye, MD to the NAA Advisory Board! We have been searching for a dermatologist who shares our passion for advancing an integrative approach to healthy skin, and Dr. Boakye certainly fits that bill. 

Dr. Boakye is a board-certified dermatologist with a diversified practice at Bergen Dermatology that includes cosmetic dermatology with a focus on aesthetic enhancements as well as surgical and medical dermatology for both the adult and pediatric population. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital in New York City, and graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in Biochemistry. She obtained her Medical Degree from Temple University and a Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology from George Washington University. Dr. Boakye completed her dermatology residency at State University of New York Health Sciences Center in Brooklyn, New York where she served as Chief Resident. She is affiliated with numerous professional societies including the American Academy of Dermatology, and enjoys the daily interaction with her patients and strives to enhance their appearance, self-image and well-being.  She also regularly educates her patients and greater audience about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle for healthy skin, both in her practice, and also on her Instagram profile.

Dr. Naana BoakyeWhat especially caught our eye is that in addition to conventional products and treatments, Dr. Boakye also strongly advocates for the use of all natural ingredients for healthy skin. She and her two sisters co-founded the Karité Shea Butter skincare range. Karité’s natural, antioxidant-rich products feature high concentrations of raw, unrefined shea butter and palm oil sourced directly from Ghana. These pure ingredients are blended with unrefined organic coconut oil to create the perfect moisturizer that soothes and heals even the most sensitive skin. Formulated without harsh chemicals and solvents that can irritate skin, Karité products are hypoallergenic and free of synthetic dyes, silicones, and parabens.

We love this story, and we are honored to welcome Dr. Boakye to our Advisory Board!

As we do with all our Advisory Board members, we asked Dr. Boakye to share why she wanted to be part of the Nutritional Aesthetics® Alliance:

The Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance:

What excites you the most about The Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance?

Naana Boakye:

I’m excited to be part of the Nutritional Aesthetic Alliance and join a team that will educate me on optimizing skin health in a wholesome way.

The NAA:

How has nutritional aesthetics (integrating nutrition and lifestyle changes with skincare and self-care) impacted your practice and/or work?

Naana Boakye:

I love to educate patients on what they are consuming and applying on their skin. With my medical background I am able to debunk myths and provide a scientific understanding.

The NAA:

Complete the sentence: “For optimal skin health, I wish people would do more of ___________________, and less of ___________________.”

Naana Boakye:

For optimal skin health, I wish people would do more of watching what they eat and exercising regularly, and less of making excuses!

We want to hear from you!



Dr. Boakye believes that there is room for both medical and holistic approaches in skincare, and integrates both into her personal and professional practices. In what way do you incorporate both conventional and holistic modalities in your practice?  Please share in the comments below!

Get to know Dr. Boakye better on Instagram both at @bergen_dermatology and @mykarite!