Are you tuned into the needs and goals of your clients aged 18-35? Is your brand or business connecting with this important demographic in a positive, meaningful way? Do you understand their challenges, and what motivates the so-called millennial generation? If you’re unsure, don’t miss our info-packed upcoming webinar on Millennials and the Skin-Health Link.

Join NAA founders Jolene Hart, Tisha Palmer, and Rachael Pontillo, as well as special guest expert Maxine Drake, aesthetician business coach, for a live, in-depth look at the unique goals and needs of the millennial generation.

We’ll focus on ways in which the work of aestheticians and health coaches is of utmost value to the millennial lifestyle and mindset, as well as how aestheticians and coaches can better connect their work with this emerging group of consumers. The best part? Nutritional Aesthetics is at the core of the millennial mindset, so the skin-health link you’re so passionate about already has an eager audience with this generation!

Millennials and the Skin-Health Link webinar happened live Wednesday, January 11th, at 8:30pm ET.

During the webinar, we discussed:

  • What millennials’ biggest skin concerns are and how to meet them.
  • How to support millennials nutritionally to help them achieve optimal health.
  • How to promote healthy millennial mindset and lifestyle practices.
  • How holistic skin professionals can best serve millennial clients.

*This webinar wass FREE for live attendees, however the webinar replay is available to NAA members only. Members will have access to the webinar replay after the webinar via the membership dashboard.

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