We’re incredibly proud of NAA members and the unique ways that they apply Nutritional Aesthetics® in their personal and professional lives. It’s our goal to support them and share their wisdom by highlighting their stories with you in a periodic ‘Member on a Mission’ feature. Our latest featured member, Leanne Vickery, of The Herb Clinic Sunshine Coast has successfully brought together her passion for herbal skincare, nutrition, naturopathy, and wellness.

An extremely stressful time in Leanne’s early 20’s led her to become unwell, and ultimately to the development of Hashimotos disease and endometriosis. She turned to natural medicine, and subsequently studied Health Science, majoring in Complementary Medicine.

Leanne moved from New Zealand to Australia, and opened The Herb Clinic Sunshine Coast where her mission is to help women overcome hormonal issues, skin problems and reduce stress. She also teaches her clients the importance of being kind to themselves, and using plants/food as medicine; along with providing them with education regarding the many benefits of choosing toxin-free skincare to gain a radiant complexion.

Fast forward 21 years… Leanne’s youngest daughter is now 19, and is one of the key team members in the clinic and for their new brand of skincare, while her oldest daughter helps out behind the scenes when things get hectic!

Member on a Mission, Leanne VickeryWe spoke to Member on a Mission, Leanne Vickery, about the role that Nutritional Aesthetics® plays in her business and her approach to skin health:


What excites you the most about the Nutritional Aesthetics® Alliance?

Leanne Vickery:

I was drawn to join the Nutritional Aesthetics® Alliance, as it aligns with my values and philosophy as a natural healthcare professional. The philosophy of the Alliance that includes looking at an integrated approach to treating and preventing skin conditions, is one of the fundamental approaches of my own clinic in Australia.


How do you apply Nutritional Aesthetics® principles to your work?

Leanne Vickery:

I am a Medical Herbalist, Naturopath, and Nutritionist as well as having a degree in Health Science. I own a natural health clinic on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia (The Herb Clinic Sunshine Coast) which focuses on helping women to balance their hormones and skin. A lot of patients that I treat suffer from PCOS, hormonal acne, endometriosis, menorrhagia, etc. My treatments combine nutritional advice (meal planning, recipes), naturopathic principles of root cause, herbal therapies such as tonics and teas along with topical organic skincare, facials and lifestyle advice for stress reduction. Most of my clients complete a 12 week program where all of these factors are incorporated. I have recently completed my Advanced Diploma of Cosmetic Science and Diploma of Organic Skincare Formulation, and we are in the exciting final stages of launching our  brand of plant-based skincare “Petal & Mortar,” which we make locally in small batches.


Please complete this sentence, and elaborate as much as you wish: “For optimal skin health, I wish people would do more of ___________________, and less of ___________________.”

Leanne Vickery:

For optimal skin health I wish people would eat real food, stress less, and love their bodies and skin regardless of what they are exposed to on social media. Troubled skin is only a temporary problem that can be helped by just loving yourself enough to be patient and trust in the miracles that nature has provided us.

We are so grateful to Leanne Vickery for being a dedicated member of the Nutritional Aesthetics® Alliance!

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