We’re incredibly proud of NAA members and the unique ways that they apply Nutritional Aesthetics® in their personal and professional lives. It’s our goal to support them and share their wisdom by highlighting their stories with you in a periodic ‘Member on a Mission’ feature. Our latest featured member, Jayme Hanna, of Birch Botanical Spa has successfully brought together her love for design and nature with her love for holistic skincare, beauty, and wellness.

Jayme began her journey with a Fashion Merchandising degree, and spent most of her twenties focusing on promoting aesthetically pleasing fashion and interiors. Her twist in the fashion industry was always using natural elements, because of her love for nature and the outdoors. Later, she became a Missouri Master Naturalist to further support her love of nature, and learn more about her local environment and ecosystems. Jayme has always been very heath minded too, which led to her frustration with the lack of quality organic skincare items that actually worked. All of this fueled her to starting her own line, called Black Birch, an organic skin and bodycare line.

Member on a Mission Jayme HannaJayme continued her education through herbalist courses, which increased desire to create products that used the highest plant-based ingredients and aromatherapy. Her goal was to always own her own spa and be a part of the health and wellness industry. She got her aesthetics license, because she knew there was much more she could teach people, not only about skincare, but how to create wellness in their lives.

We spoke to Member on a Mission, Jayme Hanna, about the role that Nutritional Aesthetics® plays in her business and her approach to skin health:


What excites you the most about the Nutritional Aesthetics® Alliance?

Jayme Hanna:

When I went to aesthetics school, I wanted to learn about skincare but on a holistic level–to learn about the connection of skin health due to influences of diet. I didn’t find the answers in school but did my own research and found the NAA once I opened my own spa. It’s a wonderful feeling to find others like me in the industry that are after the true meaning of skin health. I absolutely loved the NAA’s Herbal Skincare Summit and connected with another skincare line that I fell in love with and am now carrying in my spa. I also look forward to each season’s resource card file rollout. These cards are life savers and always an easy read in between clients to keep this information fresh in my mind.


How do you apply Nutritional Aesthetics® principles to your work?

Jayme Hanna:

I love consulting with new clients because they often come in wanting me to change their look or their skin care concerns in one session. Once we start talking about their diet and lifestyle, I’m able to bring to the surface some aspects they can change on their own to improve their skincare concerns. I find the cards to be great when I need a quick resource to provide examples. The best part is the follow up appointments when my clients tell me they are seeing improvements because they understand what changes they need to make in their lives. It’s like a light bulb goes off in their head and they understand the importance of balance for the mind and body to achieve overall happiness. These are my wonderful monthly clients that keep coming back to learn more.


Please complete this sentence, and elaborate as much as you wish: “For optimal skin health, I wish people would do more of ___________________, and less of ___________________.”

Jayme Hanna:

For optimal skin health, I wish people would do more walks in nature, and less time indoors. Walking in nature provides us with time to think and meditate without the hustle and bustle of our day to day lives. We often forego this necessity in our lives, which leads us to be over-stressed and filled with negative energy. Having a positive balance of energy relates to how our mind and body operates; thus, reflecting on our skin health.

We are so grateful to Jayme Hanna for being a dedicated member of the Nutritional Aesthetics® Alliance!

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