We’re incredibly proud of NAA members and the unique ways that they apply Nutritional Aesthetics® in their personal and professional lives. It’s our goal to support them and share their wisdom by highlighting their stories with you in a periodic ‘Member on a Mission’ feature. Our latest featured member, Oresta Korbutiak, is a holistic aesthetician and founder of ORESTA, a spa and organic beauty boutique with three locations in Ottawa, Canada, and online. Oresta owns the ORESTA spas with her sister, and fellow NAA member, Laryssa Korbutiak. We’re thrilled to share Oresta’s amazing story with you!

A note from Oresta:

“I have been practicing holistic aesthetics for 15 years. My journey into healthy beauty began when I developed cystic acne in my mid twenties. In my desperation to clear up my skin, I overindulged in ‘sure to cure’ harsh acne products, ingested antibiotics for years, and endured harsh chemical treatments with little to no improvement in my skin. It was only when I embarked on a strict food and product elimination diet that I finally saw my skin clear up. This led me to pursue studies in skin care and a career in holistic skin care. in 2001, I founded ORESTA organic skin care: the first organic spa and healthy beauty boutique in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We have now grown to 3 locations and an online healthy beauty boutique.

At ORESTA, I believe that no woman should ever sacrifice her health for beauty. We educate and empower women to make healthy beauty choices. We research healthy beauty brands so that we can confidently offer safe yet results-oriented spa treatments and products.”

—Oresta Korbutiak


What excites you the most about the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance?

Oresta-ProfileOresta Korbutiak:

As a holistic aesthetician for 15 years, I’m excited to have an opportunity to meet and learn from like-minded professionals who share my philosophy. I was in the healthy beauty field before it was hip and happening. While the consumer is much more educated today about topics like gut health, and chemicals in skin care— thanks to social media and to organizations like NAA— the prevalence of greenwashing makes it more difficult for consumers to make educated decisions. We are here to educate ourselves and our clients.


How do you apply nutritional aesthetic principles to your work?

Oresta Korbutiak:

In my own struggle with adult acne, I became aware that food had a direct effect on my skin. In my work, I incorporate nutrition with skin treatments. I believe that gut health and food choices have a direct influence on the health and vibrancy of your skin. I also believe that an educated consumer is a healthy consumer and that our work empowers our customers to make healthy choices.


Please complete this sentence, and elaborate as much as you wish: “For optimal skin health, I wish people would do more of ___________________, and less of ___________________.

Oresta Korbutiak:

For optimal skin health, I wish people would be more conscious of what they apply to their skin and less of conscious of flashy marketing. Consumers are often fooled by slick marketing, fancy packaging, and celebrity endorsements. The best quality products often come in the least fancy bottles. Consumers need to educate themselves, learn to read product ingredient labels, or shop at a retailer that they trust has done their homework for them. I also wish that consumers demanded more accountability and transparency from beauty brands.



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