The spa has always been a destination for self-care and well being. But now, more than ever, it’s a place to be immersed in wellness culture. You may book a spa visit for a facial, but you’re sure to spend time browsing shelves of goods that you can bring home to extend that moment of beauty and self-care into everyday life. Some of our favorite spas stay abreast of retail trends, while also offering timeless tools for wellness, making them shopping destinations during holiday gifting season and throughout the year. What’s especially exciting to us in the area of spa retail is the Nutritional Aesthetics®-aligned, integrated approach to healthy skin that many spas are adopting, something that is very evident in their retail product selection.

To celebrate this movement, we brought together a list of our favorite spa retail products that support the Nutritional Aesthetics® message, organized by category, to inspire your spa or your next spa shopping adventure!

Nutritional Aesthetics®-aligned retail in the spa

Beautiful, functional gemstones.

These products take advantage of the unique energy and therapeutic properties of particular stones to offer objects of beauty that also carry functions for mind, body and spirit.

Look for:

  • Gemstone rollers
  • Gemstone essences
  • Individual stones, with a description of their benefits and uses

Quality goods to enhance skin care rituals.

These special tools make in-spa or at-home facials into beautiful, sacred practices. We believe the tools and the process are very much a part of a self-care experience.

Look for:

  • Mask bowls
  • Unique brushes for mask application
  • Organic cotton washcloths to complement oil cleansing
  • Dry body brushes

Wellness-inspired items to engage the senses.

Sight, sound, touch—the sense are so integral to the spa experience. These unique items support wellness, relaxation, healing, and self-care. There’s something for everyone here.

Look for:

    • Scent: essential oils and other aromatherapy
    • Sight: clean burning and naturally-fragranced candles
    • Sound: spa soundtrack or guided meditation CDs
    • Touch: reusable heat packs for the neck and back
    • Taste: organic superfood blends to add to smoothies

Herbal apothecary essentials.

These items, often including unique herbs, clays, and salts, make it possible to bring the spa experience home with specialized treatments.

Look for:

    • Magnesium sprays and salts
    • Pre-blended herbal tinctures, teas, and powders
    • Hydrotherapy/thalassotherapy at-home blends (including salts, clays, and herbs for detox baths)

We look forward to seeing these categories develop and finding even more retail products that align with the Nutritional Aesthetics philosophy. Get inspired to expand your spa’s retail products so that healthy skin, and wellness as a whole, can start in the spa and be something that clients carry home as well.

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