For those of you who have yet to experience our NAA file cards, and for those who just want to know more about the foundation of Nutritional Aesthetics, check out our overview of the pillars of our integrative approach to skin health, ahead.

Nutritional Aesthetics® Pillars

  • NAA in Practice. From social media best practices to case studies, this is the essential knowledge for Nutritional Aesthetics-focused coaches and aestheticians.
  • Gut Microbiome. This developing body of knowledge examines the influence of digestion and the microbiome on skin health.
  • Nutrition Basics. Nutrition directly influences skin health, and here we explore those specific connections and the evolving body of evidence that supports it.
  • Skin Anatomy & Physiology. To understand the skin’s behavior, it’s essential to know it inside and out; we take a magnifying glass to the layers of the skin to deepen your knowledge of its structure and function.
  • NAA Integrative Approaches. Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, reiki and herbalism—the list of influences on Nutritional Aesthetics are many, and we explore them here.
  • Emotions & Mindset Matter. In this category we explore the powerful connection between emotions, thoughts, and our skin health.
  • Products, Ingredients & Treatments. What goes on your skin goes in your body; here we look at the topical and internal influence of products and the treatments that deliver them.
  • Stress & Your Skin. Stress, in its many forms, affects the skin and its behavior, and in this category we break down those connections.
  • Hormones & Skin Health. Hormones play a big role in glowing skin, so this is a topic that we love exploring, for women and men alike.
  • Lifestyle Practices. Sleep, exercise, your environment— here we look at the lifestyle influences on skin health.


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