The holiday season is a busy time for aestheticians, health coaches, and all skin wellness professionals. It’s a time when people are looking for ways to pamper themselves and care for their skin–and they also want to look their best! In episode 2.02 of the Skin Wellness Pro Show podcast, co-hosts Rachael Pontillo and Tara Swagger discuss holiday promotion ideas for professionals practicing with a Nutritional Aesthetics® approach.

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Detailed episode synopsis:

In this episode, Rachael and Tara emphasizes the significance of providing clients with low–or no-cost options. This may seem counterintuitive, especially when trying to generate income in a business. However, they have observed that many clients, particularly during the holiday season, come in with various health-related issues such as poor eating habits, gut imbalances, and acne.

By providing resources and tools that don’t require a large financial investment during this already busy and expensive time of year, practitioners can support their clients in improving their skin, health, and well-being. This can include simple suggestions like incorporating sound-frequency music in the treatment room to promote relaxation, or offering additional services like guided visualization exercises and relaxation time during a health coaching session.

Build integrity and trust with clients by exceeding their expectations.

Find ways to enhance the client experience without devaluing the service (or your time and labor), such as offering small extras. This can help create a positive reputation and generate word-of-mouth referrals.

In a world where discounts and deals are often expected this time of year, it can be a challenge to maintain value in the services provided. However, we encourage practitioners to focus on delivering quality care and finding creative ways to add value without compromising their profit margin, brand positioning, or energy. Ultimately, the goal is to help clients establish self-care practices and align their health goals, even if it means providing tools and resources that don’t require the biggest financial investment.

Focus on preserving health during the holidays

During the holiday season, there is often an increase in gut imbalances and acne due to poor eating habits. People tend to indulge in unhealthy eating habits and overindulging in alcohol during the holiday season, which can contribute to gut imbalances and skin breakouts or flare-ups. We suggest that practitioners educate their clients about the impact of their diet on their skin and offer simple tips to support their skin health during this time, such as:

  • Focus on having a nutritious breakfast–avoiding skipping breakfast and relying on coffee
  • Don’t rely on expensive supplements or fad cleanses to fix gut issues
  • Use tools and strategies that don’t cost clients much money, as this can help them make sustainable changes to their eating habits

Use the holiday season to offer upgrades and promote new offerings

This is a great time of year to not only offer promotions, but also to test out different upgrades in services to enhance the client’s experience, and promote new offerings. We highly recommend selecting enhancements that can improve the service without requiring significant additional effort. For example, if an aesthetician or massage therapist has upgraded their bed, they can inform clients about the upgrade and explain how it can benefit them.

This is a great time of year to introduce new modalities or techniques as sellable items in the new year, without necessarily extending the amount of time spent servicing the client. For example, if a practitioner has received cupping training, they can offer their service with an added cupping treatment.

You can also offer simple enhancements, such as providing a posh, herb-infused eye cover during facials, or playing sound-frequency music in the background during a health coaching session, to help clients relax and enhance their overall experience.

Don’t devalue your services just for the sale of offering promotions or upgrades!

Instead of offering discounts on single services, which can detract from the value of your time and the perceived value of the service itself, we suggest instead bundling different services together, offering packages, or discounting products instead of discounting the actual service.

Don’t feel like you need to offer discounts on your aesthetics or coaching services in order to compete with chain spas or other practitioners. Discounting and building a loyal customer base seeking more in-depth experiences are two different things.

Episode timestamps:

00:01:06 Holiday promotion ideas for skin wellness pros.

00:09:01 Start small for sustainable change.

00:12:08 Gentle approach to client success.

00:19:23 Pivot and value your time.

00:25:38 Don’t compare, be yourself.

00:27:49 Stay focused on yourself.

00:33:16 Gift certificates with free products.

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