By this point in January, statistics say that many of us have already ditched our New Year’s resolutions. But at the NAA, we take our health, and the health of our skin, seriously— and we’re just getting started setting up and knocking down 2017 goals! The #1 most common resolution is healthier eating/weight loss, showing that healthy habits are at the forefront of many minds at this time of year. To motivate you to stick to, or set, your own 2017 health goals (and keep us on track for ours!), we wanted to share our personal health resolutions for the year ahead. Each of us (all certified health coaches) also share the top 3 goals we challenge our own clients to reach for—the ones that make a significant difference in the way we look and feel. If you’re looking for a new goal for the day, week, or year ahead, start here.

Let’s make this year our healthiest yet!

NAA 2017 Health Goals


I tend to set my goals in the short-term, like challenging myself to eat certain essential foods each day, or several times each week. But I do like setting big health goals periodically, or shifting my mindset or routine at the beginning of the year or a new life chapter. This year, in order to support my healthiest self, my goal is to lower my stress levels and give my body more time to rest, recharge, and play. When I take frequent opportunities to de-stress, I’m healthier, I am more present and happy day to day, and—perhaps surprisingly—my creativity and productivity soar. I’m also committing to learn more about certain functional foods and adaptogens that I haven’t yet experimented with, hoping to support my stress response and energy even more fully through my diet this year as well.

3 key goals I challenge my clients to work towards:

  1. Eat at least one serving of greens each day (aim for more!).
  2. Set aside daily self-care time.
  3. Get up 10 minutes earlier in order to start the day with mindfulness and optimal nutrition.


I have simplified my healthy habit goal-setting for 2017, reducing a laundry list of good intentions to a singular daily promise – “Today, I will treat myself as good as I treat the dogs.”  In case you’re wondering, this means I will buy myself the free-range turkey & organic sweet potatoes without questioning the price or my worthiness. I will rotate the greens that I saute with breakfast. I will diligently take the nutritional supplements that have been prescribed for me. I will prepare some extra veggies in little containers in the fridge so they are there when I need an afternoon treat. I will sip bone broth when I am not feeling well. I will be generous with my affections and encourage naps when I am tired or cranky. I will respect my aging skin and sometimes achy joints. I will take walks and try to soak in what the day has to offer, being grateful for the rain or sun.

3 key goals I challenge my clients to work towards:

  1. Drink more water and less caffeine.
  2. Explore a new hobby or revisit one that makes you happy (even if you fail at it).
  3. Get more beauty rest.


I always do best with self-care when I have structure in place, whether that’s an accountability group, a chart, or some other thing to check off or person to check in with throughout the process. I’ve decided that self-care for me, right now, means re-activating my ballet and yoga routines, getting more sleep (this is a repeating goal for me), and reconnecting with my spirituality. I’m happy to say that my food and skincare regimens stay consistently on point.

3 key goals I challenge my clients to work towards:

  1. If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, just go back to basics with food, skincare, and mindset practices. Pick one thing to do each day, and appreciate yourself for doing it. If you do more than one, or decide to get fancy–great. If not, you’ve still succeeded.
  2. Pay attention to your body’s messages. If something’s going on inside, your body will give you signs, often on the skin–but more often, there will be other symptoms before the skin acts as messenger.
  3. Follow your intuition. Just because someone says something is good or worked for him or her doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

We want to hear from you!

What skin-health goals have you set for yourself this year?

What goal or goals do you find are most transformative for your clients?