Head to toe spa treatments—the kind that pamper your skin from scalp to heels— are some of the most indulgent spa menu options. And not only do we love head to toe treatments because they routinely lavish attention on areas of skin that don’t get their fair share of love (say, your back or the bottoms of your feet), we love that they often let you revel in healing ingredients that would otherwise be quite messy if you tried to apply them top to bottom at home. This week we share our favorite natural ingredients to apply head to toe, in the comfort (and easily-cleaned environment) of a spa. Next time you crave a full body salt scrub or detoxifying mud mask, head straight to the spa for glowing skin, head to toe, without the mess.

Best head to toe spa treatment ingredients

Mud. Packed with minerals that are soothing, anti-inflammatory, and nourishing to your skin, mud treatments can produce wonderfully smooth results when applied head to toe. It’s also one of the messiest ingredients on our list— ideal to try at the spa!

Clay. Like mud, clay is detoxifying and mineral-rich, and can be messy to work with— making it an ideal ingredient for a head to toe spa treatment. Depending on the type of clay used, this ingredient can also improve elasticity and texture and provide mild exfoliation.

Salt. Skip the salt scrub on delicate facial skin, but feel free to opt for this exfoliating, cleansing ingredient in your full body treatments.

Volcanic Ash. Like charcoal and clay, volcanic ash (bentonite is a well-known variety) is an effective full-body treatment with benefits like detoxification, mineral delivery and gentle exfoliation.

Charcoal. This trendy ingredient has timeless benefits, like absorbing excess oil, soothing skin, and drawing out impurities.

Wine. True, the skin benefits of soaking in wine aren’t as powerful as certain components of wine, like resveratrol, are when consumed. But we had to include this indulgent head to toe ritual on our list, since it’s a perfect pampering treatment for the spa. Look for a treatment that pairs a wine bath with another grape-derived ingredient that benefits the skin, like grapeseed oil.

Milk. Naturally-occurring lactic acid in milk gently exfoliates, bringing softness and glow to your skin. A full body milk treatment has been a beauty favorite since the time of Cleopatra.

Honey. This ingredient works wonders on facial skin, drawing in moisture, gently exfoliating, and preventing and healing breakouts. Now imagine those results head to toe. This is not a treatment you’d like to do at home, so opting for full body honey at the spa is an excellent choice.


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