Did you know that 50% of the beauty schools in the Unites States have closed their doors since 2009? That’s a scary statistic, and the beauty industry isn’t the only trade that’s declined over the past several years. While the reasons why vary (and many are political), it’s important to focus on solutions to this growing problem, including preserving and enriching quality aesthetics education.

Longtime NAA Member and ally, Maxine Drake, is hosting the Beauty Business Summit in Honolulu, Hawaii, October 14-15 2018. This 2-day event is not just a business and marketing intensive designed to grow your business and enrich your life–it’s also a way to ensure the future of the aesthetics industry.

Maxine shares all the details about this important event in her interview with NAA President, Rachael Pontillo on the latest episode of the Rachael Pontillo Show.

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Rachael Pontillo: Hi Maxine, thank you so much for joining me today.

Maxine: Thank you for having me!

Rachael: You’ve done so much in the aesthetics industry. You’re an aesthetician, an educator, you owned spas, you were a rep, and now you’re choosing to use your platform to shed light on a really important issue, and you’ve become kind of an activist in the aesthetics education arena. And we’re here to talk today about this incredible event that you’re holding in the fall in Hawaii. Hopefully people who are listening will find a way to make it to this event, because it’s going to be amazing. So why don’t you tell us about it?

Maxine: It’s so funny because I was telling Susanne Schmaling that I don’t really wanna get all political. And she’s like, ‘honey, nobody does.’ But the truth is…

Rachael: And sometimes you don’t have a choice.

Maxine: Everything is political. Is there this witch hunt for profit schools right now? In trade schools more importantly? I mean, let’s look at ITT Tech who has been around for like 50 years. I mean, this has been going on the last couple of years. Well, it’s been ongoing longer than that. The trade schools are in trouble. We’re gonna need carpenters and mechanics and things like that. But I’m staying in my lane with the beauty industry because it’s just my love. You know, it’s our love. And it’s the last hands on of services. You can’t go online to get your hair colored or a facial, or  get waxed. It’s really important. What we’re doing is shedding light on the fact that, holy cow, 50 percent of schools, if not more, have closed since 2009. Beauty schools.

Rachael: That’s terrifying, I mean, it’s really a staggering rate.

Maxine: Right. We should all care. Manufacturers should care. We should care.  I’m not just going to blame the government. There are lots of problems of why schools have closed. The Beauty Business Summit that is happening October 14th and 15th in Hawaii really has a two-fold mission. One is to empower the world class beauty professional, if you do hair, skin, nails. Come learn, grow, have your best year ever. Submerse yourself in the aloha spirit, because I feel like we just need to get out of our treatment room and go to another place to really be able to absorb. And second, 100 percent of the proceeds is going to be gifted to a beauty school.

Rachael: That’s the part about this that I love. This is not just a regular conference or trade show. This is an initiative to put money back into top of the line schools.

Maxine: Any school can submit. We’re going to open up those doors next month, probably right after Mother’s Day. So, a school has to submit a three minute video explaining why they need the money, and what is the impact that they’re going to make in their community. And then what is the impact that they’re going to make in the beauty industry as a whole? Things have to change. The learning platforms have to change because of  the millennial mindset. I mean, there are a quarter of a million aestheticians nationwide and 70 percent are independent. I know this takes time. So when I look at the bigger picture sometimes I get overwhelmed and think, oh my gosh. How am I making a difference globally? Just by helping one school? But a colleague reminded me to think about when we were in the treatment room. We were only able to help one client at a time. And I’m like, thank you for putting it in perspective. Because it’s so true. So maybe next year I’m able to help three schools, and so on and so forth. So we have to start somewhere and so I’m excited about that. I think we thirst for coming together. The learning platforms are great, and you and I both do them, Rachael. But I think that coming together, there’s just something that happens when we come together. The other part of that is every year I give back, to the industry. Whether it’s gifting 25 to 30 coaching calls, or whatever, I give back. And I thought well, how can I give back on a grander scale? So I’m gifting my whole time putting this whole thing together this year, and it feels really good. Because it feels good to give back, you know what I mean?

Rachael: I just think it’s so incredible that you’re choosing to donate your time and your resources in this way, really for the betterment of the industry. It’s such a great cause. And the industry is important. I wanna reflect back a little bit of what you said about women especially, but people wanting to come together because so much is online right now. And there is value in online education, I mean, you and I both do it. We can reach a ton of people that way that we might not be able to reach in person. So there’s wonderful value in that. But aesthetics, as you said, it’s one of the last kind of hands on trades that people are able to learn, and that will always be hands on. I mean, I don’t know if I want some like, robotic hand coming out of a computer to give me a facial. That’s a bit creepy! I’d rather go to a beautiful space and have a really caring, giving person put their hands on me, because that is just so relaxing and healing. And it’s just such an important part of my own self-care routine and it has been for years.

Maxine: Well, it’s self-care, you know? And I think more and more Americans are jumping on board and adopting that European mindset where, you know, it’s just part of the culture. We go to the gym because we’re taking care. We go get massages, it’s part of that self-care. And facials is part of that self-care. So it’s starting to trickle in. It’s taking some time. Tell me, when was the last time you went to an event and felt empowered, Rachael, where you just were in the room and felt the energy. What was your take away?

The future of aesthetics education at the Beauty Business SummitRachael: I’m really fortunate that I’ve gotten to attend a few different events through Integrative Nutrition®, or there’s a very large health summit that I attend every year that’s hundreds of like-minded people who are all there to support each other and connect and grow together and learn how to better the industry, but by doing so, bettering each and every single one individual practice. And when you bring a whole bunch of like-minded people into a physical space focused on a singular outcome and it’s really kind of like a solitary yet parallel path. Everyone’s there for their own education and their own connection, but by every one person building up themselves and their own practice, it builds up the energy and the industry as a whole. And you leave there, you’re like, you just feel like you can conquer the world. And you can achieve anything and help anyone and there are no limits. There is such incredible power in connecting in person and feeling the energy that is created. So that’s my version of a nutshell answer to your question, Maxine!

Maxine: No, I love it. And it’s so true, you know, it’s so true. And so you just gotta do it. You gotta go experience it. I want you to come and fill your brain, your heart, your soul, and gather all the tools so that you could go home and just hit the ground running.

Rachael: This large event with 10 keynotes, and with that huge group energy is just going to be amazing. But it’s also for such a good cause, and that is what makes it even more special. Supporting the future of this industry is really at the forefront, and it should be at the forefront of every aesthetician’s mind. And you know, I have the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance, and part of what we do is support the aesthetics industry with integrative skincare solutions. But if the aesthetics industry itself is not strong, I have no business there, and you have no business as a coach. And it really is going to limit opportunities for young people coming out of high school who maybe don’t want to go to college. College is amazing. I went to college, I’m a lifelong learner. I would be in school for the rest of my life if it wasn’t so darn expensive and if I had another, I don’t know, 80 hours a week at my disposal, because I just love to learn, and I love the classroom environment. I love learning different things and then putting them together with what I already know and kind of spitting out something new. That’s what I like to do. But we can’t gloss over the fact that college education in the United States is astronomically expensive. And again, we’re not going to get into the politics of that, but it might not be a viable option for everyone. So we want to protect the trades, and the beauty industry is such an important industry because it is an opportunity to work with people one on one and to connect with people one on one. And there is such great honor in helping people look and feel their best so that they can face their day and live their lives with confidence. That is not work that I take lightly, and I know you feel the same way. So this event is going to empower so many more schools to stay in business and keep upping their game so that the education that they’re teaching and the way they’re teaching it is relevant for these up and coming demographics who are entering the industry.

Maxine: Yeah, no, it’s really true. You know, in order to double your income, you need to triple your learning rate. And it’s like, I always say you just never know where you’re gonna get the next million dollar idea.

Rachael: I think everyone who makes the choice to attend the Beauty Business Summit is going to be so incredibly lucky because you’re going to make sure that they get out of it what they came for, and then some. But the mark that they’re gonna make on the industry by just showing up and being part of it is going to be amazing.

Maxine: Yeah, and the attendees will be part of the voting process. So I won’t even know who the winner is until that day.

Rachael: That’s so exciting.

Maxine: We have to involve them, you know? And if you’re one of the finalists, be prepared to get on stage and share a story. We’re gonna roll your tape. And then the audience will vote.

Rachael: So much fun, it’s like the American Idol of aesthetics schools, you know.

Maxine: Whoa, I didn’t think of it like that, yeah.

Rachael: Yeah, right? ‘Cause you’re gonna roll the clips and it’s not like the Oscars where the voting has been done already and they know the answer, they’re just announcing it. But this is happening live.

Maxine: We thought about opening up the voting to the masses, so that we put the videos up online and then people can vote. And I don’t like that because now your friend can go and vote every day.

Rachael: Right, it’s not qualifying the vote. It’s not –

Maxine: Totally. And it’s not really about making the greatest impact, it’s just about how many friends do you have that are gonna click?

Rachael: Yeah, we’re focusing on quality over quantity with this event.

Maxine: We’re really excited. Take the plunge, commit, buy the ticket. It’s amazing what will happen when you go and then you come home. You’ll actually make more money. It just happens. That’s the law of the universe.

Rachael: I want to say something a little bit more about that. When you’re trying to attract more money into your business, I find that focusing on the greater purpose of the money gets you the money faster than just focusing on the number itself. The universe responds to the intention more than ‘a million dollars.’ So the intention is limitless, the number is limited. Focus on that intention, think about, ‘if I had this money in my practice, how many more people can I help? How would that change their lives? How would that change my life? How would that change my family’s life?’ Those are what you focus on when you’re trying to attract more money into your business. And when you attend an event like this, that is a giveback to an industry that is going to help ensure a positive future of this industry that’s already helping so many people, I mean, that’s some pretty good karma, right?

Maxine: It is, but you know, something magical happens I think Zig Ziglar said it the best. Why do we make the most money the week before we go on vacation? Because we’re killing it, and we have something to look forward to. So if we only worked at the capacity of thinking that we’re going on vacation, we would not be wanting for revenue, money. And so that’s something to think about. So when you purchase your ticket, now you have something to look forward to in October. You’re gonna kill it in your business because you’re gonna be so excited that you’re going. And now you get to plan, maybe put an excursion around that and stay a couple of days and explore Hawaii. Which I totally encourage! And yes, you’re welcome to write it off. So if you’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii, I would do it this year. Watch. You will all of a sudden start making more money. That is the law of the universe. It is the law of not just attraction but action.

Rachael: I love it, I love it. Well Maxine, thank you so much for doing everything that you do. But thank you for doing this. Because it’s important. The website is beautybusinesssummit.org and the event is October 14th and 15th in Honolulu. Thank you so much for being with us today, Maxine. Thank you for everything you do!

Maxine: Thank you for everything you do. You’re a light in our industry as well, Rachael. So thank you. I look forward to the next time we get to have a chat like this.

About Maxine Drake:

Member on a Mission: Maxine DrakeMaxine Drake’s mission is to elevate the aesthetics industry through leadership, and effective business and marketing education.  Maxine helps beauty professionals build, grow, and scale their business. She is a published author, speaker, and has written for many of the top trade magazines. Maxine is the founder of the Esthetician Business Academy, an online learning platform helping skincare leaders achieve optimum business growth with smart, effective marketing training. She is also the creator of the Beauty Business Summit, a 2 day leadership and business event held in Hawaii. For more information please contact her at: Maxine@MaxineDrake.com

Learn more about Maxine at her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Get your tickets to the Beauty Business Summit in Honolulu, Hawaii, which happens October 14-15 2018–OR if you run a beauty school, apply to win money to build your program HERE.