Scent sets the tone. From the moment you or one of your clients enters a spa, the senses create a sense of place. When it comes our the sense of scent, we know that aroma signals to our brain’s olfactory bulb, which triggers the release of neurotransmitters like calming, relaxing serotonin. In light of this, you can effectively use aromatherapy to comfort and welcome guests from their point of entry, right down to their spa treatment and the products they take home with them after their visit. We challenge you to get creative with the incredible variety of essential oils that can make your spa setting special.

Top ways to use aromatherapy in the spa

  • Create a palm inhale ritual. This is ideal for those about to enter the treatment room. Instruct clients to apply a few drops of a diluted essential oil or an oil blend to their palms. Then show them how to warm the oils by bringing their palms together and cupping them over the nose for a few long, relaxed  inhales and exhales.
  • Diffuse essential oils. Use an oil diffuser to fill a space, whether it be a waiting room, steam room, or treatment room, with the therapeutic and mood-altering benefits of essential oils.
  • Offer a selection of therapeutic mists. Let spa guests choose their favorite aromatherapy mist to scent their treatment room, or refresh their skin.
  • Brand with a blend. Develop a signature essential oil blend for your spa, and package it so clients can take its fragrance to their own home.
  • Incorporate aromatherapy into treatments. Try diluted essential oils in a foot treatment, and apply them to reflexology points.


Favorite aromatherapy essential oils for spa use

Here are some of our favorite essential oils for the spa, along with the benefits you may experience as a result of using them:


Ylang ylang. Relaxes the mind and eases sadness.

Frankincense. Grounds the emotions and relaxes. Also can improve the appearance of red, irritated skin and support the healing of damaged tissue.

Lavender. Calms an anxious mind, encourages restful sleep. Also reduces inflammation, boosts immune function, and has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Roman chamomile. Calms and relaxes. known to ease hyperactive nerves.

Vetiver. Soothes nervous energy and dissipates anger.

Sandalwood. Anti-inflammatory, with a seductive scent, as well as relaxing to the body and mind.



Rosemary. Supports healthy nervous function, decreases cortisol, and boosts immune function.

Citrus. Restores focus and increases energy and positivity.

Peppermint. Clears the mind, supports cognitive focus and memory, and energizes. Also known for antimicrobial and analgesic properties.

Basil. Fights fatigue and increases mental alertness, as well as reduces brain fog and lowers anxiety.

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