For most of us, summer means more outdoor fun, sunbathing, parties, and free time. However, not everything about this season is that peachy. Your skin is the first to suffer because of high temperatures and sun exposure. It gets oilier, more prone to breakouts, rougher, dry, sweaty, and exposed to UV damage. To keep it in good shape, you need to adapt your skincare routine to summer conditions. 

Here are some summer skincare tips that will help you not only to protect your skin, but also preserve a radiant, healthy glow.

Say yes to sunscreen

Many of people use sunscreen only when they plan to spend the entire day outdoors at the beach or the pool. Well, we have news for you! The sun is there even when you are walking with your friends or going to work. 

The sun is at its prime between 10 AM and 4 PM, and even on a cloudy day, the UVA and UVB rays can reach our skin. Besides the risk of premature aging, there are a lot of serious health concerns linked to exposure to these elements. Skin cancer is the most frequent. In fact, studies have shown that 1 in 5 Americans develops skin cancer by the age of 70, and two Americans die of skin cancer every hour.  

That’s why you need to apply sunscreen every day, whenever you go out, regardless of whether it’s hot and sunny or not. The sun protection factor (SPF) should be at least 30. Also, make sure to reapply your sunscreen liberally (about one shotglass full for full body application) every two hours, and after swimming or lots of sweating (like from exercising outside).

Exfoliate with care

summer skincare tip--exfoliate with careWhile it might seem intuitive to exfoliate more often in the summer, we actually exercise caution with exfoliation in your summer skincare routine. This is not something you should do every day, because it will leave your skin more exposed to sun rays.

The stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the epidermis) is the skin’s armor. It protects the delicate cells in the deeper layers (such as the melanocytes, which are what produce melanin pigment) from the elements. Removing corneocytes (the “dead” skin cells on the surface) removes that protection, and makes the skin more susceptible to all types of sun damage such as sunburn, hyperpigmentation, and even skin cancer. It’s better to include exfoliating in your weekly routine (or even less often than that!). Also, be gentle, and avoid gritty scrubs and harsh chemical peels.

Be diligent with your moisturizer

jar of face creamWe rarely forget to apply moisturizer during winter because we feel our skin drying up in the cold. However, even if your skin feels greasy in the summer because of all that sunscreen, it doesn’t mean it is hydrated.

Also, during the summer, you often spend time in air-conditioned rooms and tend to shower more often, which can dry out and irritate your skin. If you feel your standard moisturizer is too heavy for you during the summer, opt for a light emulsion or use an oil serum made of lightweight carrier oils such as rosehip or jojoba.

Fill your water bottle

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of internal hydration. Getting the right amount of H2O can help your skin endure the conditions and avoid dehydration. Drinking enough water also improves the look of your skin. Your usual eight glasses might not be enough during the hot summer days because you will be losing a lot of water from sweating. Make sure you always keep a full bottle of water at your side.

Don’t show all of your skin

summer skincare tip--wear a big floppy hat like the woman in this pictureIt’s summer, and most of us can’t wait to get rid of all those layers and let our skin see some sun. Unfortunately, however, that leaves us exposed to harmful UV rays.

Opt for breathable clothes whenever you can. There are even some UPF-rated clothing brands that can provide solid protection. Shield your face and head with a wide-brimmed hat and your eyes with sunglasses.

Use mineral makeup

Even during the hottest days, many women enjoy wearing makeup. However, your usual products might be too heavy for your face during the summer months. Mineral makeup provides smooth, lightweight, and matte coverage. It is made of natural materials and adds an extra layer of sun protection, as most contain ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. However, mineral makeup is not meant to be a substitute for sunscreen, as SPF itself is not guaranteed simply by adding mineral ingredients into the formulation. Even if the label says it contains SPF (which means the product has undergone the FDA testing needed to accurately measure the SPF), in order to be effective, it would need to be reapplied regularly throughout the day while outdoors.

Don’t miss a spot

woman applying sunscreen by poolSunscreen application needs to be thorough, and consistent. It is not meant to be applied to the “sun-kissed” areas of the body, or like a makeup highlighter (sorry, Gwyneth). There are some commonly neglected areas of the face and body when it comes to sunscreen application.

So, while you are rubbing your legs, arms, and face, make sure you also get to the lips, the tops of your feet, eyelids, back of neck, ears, and any parts of exposed scalp. 

And if sun damage still happens?

Regardless of how hard you try, the sun can be stronger than you. If that happens, don’t just wait for the sunburns to go away. As soon as you spot or feel a burn developing, head to the nearest shade. A pain reliever can help soothe the inflammation, but you should still apply moisturizer and lotion. Aloe vera can be helpful when applied directly to the burn spot. And there’s also the old remedy of a cool, refreshing oatmeal or green tea bath. However, if you develop blisters, fever, or nausea, you’ll need to see a doctor.

Hopefully, it won’t come to that. Following the previous summer skincare tips is the best possible prevention. They will help you not only avoid sunburn but also keep your skin healthy, glowing, and young for a long time.

What summer skincare tips would you add to this list?

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