Summer is upon us and that can mean many things. Aestheticians and other skin wellness practitioners know that it’s not a time to neglect beauty routines and makeup care. Summer comes with its own beauty considerations that your clients might not be aware of! If you read our last article, “9 Essential Summer Skincare Tips,” you’ll know that summer skincare is still a priority. Along with skincare, which is the base for healthy and glowing skin, summer makeup needs can also change due to humidity, more sunshine, and a switch in your daily routine. 

There are several factors to keep in mind to get the best out of your cosmetics. Before we take the plunge into our ‘do’s and don’ts’ of summer makeup, we want to address clean beauty. Everyday Health goes over a ‘comprehensive guide’ for clean beauty. They point out how “many ingredients used in [skincare] products may affect our health.” This is due to the fact that we “use about 10 personal-care products a day” which amounts “to 126 different ingredients.” Not only is it beneficial to recognize how many products we put on our faces every day, but also to choose products that don’t cause health issues, but rather are good for your health. 

Below are 5 summer makeup do’s and don’ts to give you and your clients the best results:

1. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen

sunscreen shown on different skin tonesMany people are eager to enjoy longer and brighter days outside which is great for mental health, but it also means more risk of sunburns. It’s natural for skin to tan in the summer months, but tans actually indicate damaged skin. It can take less than half an hour “for UV rays to damage your skin,” even though “the effects may not be visible for up to 12 hours.” Properly applying and regularly reapplying sunscreen is vital, especially during the summer months when skin needs added protection. Damaged skin could become skin cancer over time.

Several cosmetic brands have foundations and powders with SPF protection built in, so that this type of makeup gives consumers extra coverage. It’s best to guide clients toward tinted moisturizers, foundations, and other products marketed as sunscreen products. However, be sure to remind your clients about the importance of re-applying sunscreen regularly for it to stay effective. One of the most common summer makeup mistakes is applying SPF sunscreen or powder just once, and thinking it’s enough to protect you all day–it is not.

2. Do be careful with talc cosmetic products

Hot, humid weather leads to more sweat and and sebum production. Because of this, many people tend to pack on powders to cut down on the shine. The problem is that many powder-based products contain talc as an ingredient. Talcum produces that matte, powdery consistency that people love. However, in past testing of various products, like setting powders, eyeshadow and makeup palettes, researchers discovered asbestos in various talc cosmetics. 

If makeup does have asbestos, it could lead to asbestos-related diseases, including cancer. This is one example of a type of hidden toxicant that could slip into makeup. Understanding how this happens and paying attention to what products clients and patients buy can reduce these risks. Read those labels!

3. Don’t wear mascara 

mascara shown with water droplets What we really mean is don’t wear just any mascara. As mentioned before, humid and sticky weather can ruin makeup, and it’s not always recommended to constantly wear pore-blocking and thickly applied layers.

Waterproof mascara can alleviate any fears of raccoon eyes–but it can be hard to find clean formulations. It’s part of switching to a lighter makeup that can prepare the skin for a lasting look. Two the cleaner waterproof mascara brands we like are Mineral Fusion Waterproof Mascara in Raven, and Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara.

4. Do try a light makeup look

Lighter makeup for summer works well. As with waterproof mascara, exchanging some heavier cosmetic products for ones that perform better in the summer is ideal. Tinted moisturizers can easily replace heavier foundations. For example, lip stains are preferred for hotter days over sticky lip glosses or thick lipsticks. The summer months are also a time to focus more on skincare. Clean beauty is one of the primary ways to start this. 

5. Don’t be afraid to switch up your routine

It’s clear that clean beauty and summer provide a compelling reason to switch up makeup routines. Asbestos is not the only lingering concern in beauty. Other toxicants in conventional makeup lines could be a reason for a summer switch. Parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, triclosan, irritants, and potential carcinogens are all ingredients that could go undetected if we ignore beauty labels.

How to you switch up your summer makeup and skincare routine?

Leave a comment about aromatherapy in the spa!Do you go for a more minimalist summer makeup look? How do you change your spa offerings for summer? Please tell us in the comments below!



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