One of the most important facets of an overall healthy skin lifestyle is eating well. No matter which dietary theory you follow, the healthiest ones are all centered around eating whole, unprocessed foods. Sadly, the food culture in the United States has centered primarily around processed and convenience foods to the extent that many people even know where to find fresh, local food near them. Eating fresh, seasonal produce and local, traditionally farmed meat can ensure that you are eating healthy and supporting local farmers. Today, we share our favorite local resources for healthy food.

3 ways you can find fresh, local food near you

1. Farmer’s markets

woman shopping at farmer's marketFarmer’s markets are organized markets where local farmers assemble to sell a variety of the foods they grow on their farms. You’ll often find locally-produced items like meat, dairy, produce, and baked goods here. Most farmer’s markets also feature handmade skincare and personal care products, as well as herbal remedies and teas from local makers and herbalists.

Farmer’s markets aren’t just in rural areas and in the suburbs. Many farms in the surrounding areas of cities also unite to supply urban farmer’s markets with fresh, local foods. They are an excellent opportunity to meet with local farmers, support local vendors, and also connect with like-minded members of your community.

Farmer’s market vendors and shoppers also tend to want to support other local businesses. This is a great opportunity to form networking and cross-promotional relationships for practitioners as well.

Farmer’s markets are not always open daily like grocery stores are. Most are only open a few days per week. Be sure to check your local farmer’s market’s hours, and plan a trip in your weekly schedule.

To find a farmer’s market near you, check the USDA’s Farmer’s Market Directory.

2. Community-supported agriculture (CSA)

A CSA is a membership program that allows you to subscribe to regularly scheduled shares of harvested produce from a local farm or farms. Some CSAs provide home delivery or delivery to your local farmer’s market. Others allow for you to go to the farm to pick up your shares directly, or even help harvest your produce yourself. CSAs also offer extra goodies during the growing season whenever possible – all at an affordable price!

A share usually includes about 20 lbs of seasonal fruits and vegetables weekly, but it varies by region/season. Most CSAs also offer half or partial shares, the ability to share shares with other members, and drop points in cities for increased accessibility.

What comes in the share is based on what’s been harvested, so this is a great way to immerse yourself in local, seasonal eating as well as to try new fruits and vegetables.

To find a CSA near you, check’s CSA search listings.

3. Food co-ops

Rachael Pontillo as a working member of a food co-op
NAA President, Rachael Pontillo, is a proud owner/member of a food co-op.

Food co-ops are another local resource for fresh, local food. These member-owned and run business organizations buy a large volume of goods from local and organic farms in order to pass along savings to members who purchase those goods. Many co-ops also offer a small selection of specialty and imported foods, prepared foods, baked goods, and household cleaning products.

While food co-ops may not be as widely available or well-advertised as farmer’s markets and CSAs, they are becoming more popular in the suburbs and even in cities. Your local health foods store will usually know where to find them if you ask.

To find a food co-op near you, check’s food co-op search listings or ‘s map of active food co-ops nationwide.

Farmers’ markets, co-ops and CSAs are not the only way to find fresh, local food near you!

Do your research – ask around in local health or skincare stores about what local resources they recommend for farmers’ market locations, organic produce sources, etc., in your area. Many of these places will be able to point you in the right direction with some solid leads on where to begin looking locally for healthy foods at affordable prices that support local growers.

Learning how to find local, fresh foods near you can help you get out of a rut and try new fruits, vegetables, meats, artisan cheeses, raw dairy products (in the states that allow it), and other staples in your diet. Farmer’s markets, food co-ops, and CSAs are also usually more affordable than online meal kit delivery services, specialty stores, and chain healthy grocery stores. If you’re looking for ways to support local farmers while becoming healthier yourself – this is the way!

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